Where we have sexual conversation to help build a happier nation.

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Struggles around sex and sexuality often come from common misconceptions and inadequate education.  For many, this can lead to stress, anxiety, and totally unrealistic expectations about their sexual lives and experiences.

Our goal is to provide accurate information and education about sex that is entertaining, accessible, useful, and allows for thoughtful discussion about issues that impact such an important part of our lives.

So really, our mission at the University of Pleasure is to use sexual conversation to build a happier nation.

Meet the hosts

Dr. Tera Jansen

Psy.D., LP, CST

Dr. Tera Jansen is a licensed psychologist and certified sex therapist.  She is a specialist in the fields of sexual health and gender, where she regularly works with individuals and couples across a wide variety of areas.

Dr. Jansen also regularly speaks, teaches, and consults on all things related to sex and sexy times.  She believes that sexual health and satisfaction are essential to overall well-being and is passionate about helping others build their best sexual selves.

Jeremiah James

Jeremiah James is an internationally renowned Stage Performer, Recording Artist, Producer, Writer, and Director.  While he has studied nowhere on the topics of sexual health and well-being, he is a guy who likes talking about sex.  

Mr. James has 150 professional stage credits (and counting), along with multiple television and film appearances to his name, and he has performed with various symphonies and pops orchestras across the US and abroad.  As a Producer Mr. James has a long list of projects in various stages of development across a multitude of media formats.